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Would you like to be represented by BABYAUTHORS.COM? It is not an offer of a contract - that will come if we feel that your work is commercially in-line with our own particularly strengths. 

Here are some common fears (understandably) felt by baby authors. We'd like to think the following statements are crystal clear. 


  • Your work will not be published anywhere by us without a contract being in place.

  • Your plot ideas, characters, story line etc will not be used by us.

  • Your work will not be shown to any third party.

  • Unless we make you an offer of representation (that will follow after we've seen your manuscript), your work will be destroyed from our computers.

  • Yes, we are very much here and we will definitely respond to your submission even if it is a polite 'no thanks'.

  • We do a lot of work behind the scenes to promote our baby authors' books. We only get paid for this work on the sale of their books. Our motivation is very clear - if we take you on, we will want to sell as many of your books as possible.










Success! Message received.

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