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Anaiah's Trip to the Rainbow

Babies have the wildest imaginations and most of all extremely curious. Anaiah is very determined to take a trip to the rainbow to see what's in store. Looking at the rainbow always invokes a sense of happiness and comfort. Follow Anaiah on this wonderful and exciting journey to the rainbow and find out what she discovers. Where it starts and where it ends nobody knows. 


ISBN: 978-1-329-99483-6



Anaiah's Trip to Space!

Anaiah is on another journey but this time she's going into space. Read along as Anaiah explores the great adventures of Deep Space. Find out what she discovers. 

ISBN: 978-1-387-01632-7

  Anaiah's Road Trip! 

 Anaiah is very determined to roam the hills of the countryside. Let's take joy ride and find out what adventure she experiences on her own. One thing we know for sure is that there's always a lesson to be learned.

Anaiah's Haunted Halloween.
Anaiah's Haunted Halloween is a fun and spooky children's book that explores the wildest imagination of Anaiah. Read through this book to find out what happens when Anaiah goes room to room in the haunted house of monsters. This book is created by




Anaiah's Trip to Atlantis! 
Anaiah's Trip to Atlantis is another epic journey under  the sea. Join us on this sea odyssey as Anaiah finds where Atlantis is truly hidden. is a collection of Anaiah's Adventures. Let's explore the world with joy.




We're happy to present the complete series of Anaiah's Adventures. Join us as we explore Anaiah's Trip to the Rainbow, Anaiah's Trip to Space, Anaiah's Road Trip, Anaiah's Haunted Halloween, and Anaiah's Trip to Atlantis. Thank you for being a part of the publishing series.




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