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This is My Story and I'm sticking to it. 

Darshaun McAway constantly lives by the statement “Do you mind if” and for him it means, do you mind if he shows you his dreams. For several years Darshaun struggled with becoming a well-known Author and Entrepreneur. With the instant success of “Girlfriend vs Wife Duties” his 17th independent publication, Darshaun has gotten the attention he’d hoped for. Longing to be respected by the public as a notable Novelist, Author, and Writer. It’s very clear to see that with his vision, desire, strength, and determination that no one can ever stop you from reaching your dream.



‘There are two kinds of people, those who finish what they start and so on.’ ~Robert Byrne.


Darshaun McAway has been a professional radio talk show host since 2002-2016 and was a feature on Clear Channel's "Tim and Jeff in the morning". After his leave from Clear Channel in 2004, he started "The Darshaun Show" which was a consistent series of audio and video subscription downloads through web syndication. While doing his show he also began a career in voiceovers and was a part of commercials by companies such as Vonage, Pepsi, Geico, Office Depot, Ruby Tuesday, and Walmart to name a few.  He has been writing professionally since 2006 and has 21 titles from his publishing company, 9 of which are best sellers, and all could be found on  He is a magnet for stories and for the desire to connect with new minds and bright ideas. 

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